• those songs that I would like to take with me into the future

    Ago 15 2008, 1h26 por amanda_enigma

    My musical history is full of obscure, but nonetheless, fantastic songs that either came and went so quickly that they were doomed to fade from memory, or those that time is simply washing away, no matter their popularity at the time. I would desperately like to remember those for the future, so I'm listing them here.

    As a child, I came across these in miscellaneous mix tapes and such. I would have fabulous concerts to there beats; having no idea to their real meanings.
    So Happy Together
    I Think We're Alone Now
    Incense And Peppermints
    In The Air Tonight
    Fire and Rain

    Then of course in elementary school I was into the obscenely poppy music of the Spice Girls and Britney Spears. More notably I fondly remember listening to Ray of Light and Loreena McKennitt. My mother also loved the song I Knew I Loved You notably.

    And then came 5th grade when I started my first real mix tapes put together from the few radio stations that I could pull in from where I lived.
  • My top 10 sucks!

    Dez 8 2007, 23h45 por squigglycircle

    Ok, let's try to start a meme.

    Write down the worst songs of the artists in your top 10 along with some explanation. "But they don't have any!" is not a valid answer. No artist is flawless. I'm sure I'll be hard pressed to find some, but let's go for it...

    1. Pink Floyd

    There are surprisingly many, considering that they are my absolute favourite band in the known world and they have made some of the most celestial music ever recorded (Celestial Voices, anyone?). Most of them are vague attempts at upbeat pop songs, such as Summer '68, Fearless or Paintbox (although I love the "a drink-a drink - a drink-a-drink", mind the spacing), but the trophy here goes to One Slip off of Momentary Lapse of Reason.

    Not because it's a bad song, as such. It's upbeat, sure. Fine, it's a Gilmour solo number. But it has none of the qualities which could make it a classic Floyd number. It's pretty forgettable, and that's not what a Pink Floyd song should ever be.

    2. Porcupine Tree
  • "Sun Doesn't Rise" by Mushroomhead

    Mai 12 2007, 2h05 por kornerpocket

    I'm really loving "Sun Doesn't Rise" by Mushroomhead. This is the first and only song I've heard by them, but it's fucking amazing. Is it possible to be in love with a band even though you've only heard one song by them? :P

    I get like that with a lot of artists. I'm afraid that I'll listen to some of their other songs and not enjoy it as much as the song that made me like them in the first place. For example, I loved "Lookaway" by Sepultura, but then I listened to some of their other songs and didn't really like them. So, my image of Sepultura has been broken.

    Anyway, "Sun Doesn't Rise" is a beautiful song. Do yourself a favor and go listen to it. :)