• last night

    Mar 5 2006, 22h50 por pinkspark

    i saw Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins last night at bimbo's. it was fantastic! i heard 6 songs i'd never heard, including one about a guy named jack that seriously rocked my shit. if anyone knows what that song is called and where i can get a copy of it i'll perform lewd acts in front of my webcam. ok, i'm lieing, but i'd still like the info.

    the watson twins were like beautiful stage props, not real people. in unison, they swayed and sung and percussioned and towered above jenny. she's real short, which i hadn't realized.

    i had fun. go see them if you can.

    and now, a music meme, because they are addicting:

    put itunes on random to answer the following questions. use only the titles that make sense.

    1. What is missing from my life?
    My Heartbeat

    2. Will I find love?
    Say Yes To Michigan

    3. Will I become rich?
    Let It All Go

    4. Does someone have a crush on me?
    America's Most Blunted

    5. What is my favorite sexual position?