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The song was first revealed in June 2017; it initially featured Colombian singer Shakira instead of Becky G. Speaking about the song, Sean Paul explained: “I got something kind of more poppy coming in a little while, with Shakira. The song’s called ‘Mad Love’, it’s about being mad and having love, it’s more sexy. It’s not about love, it’s the sexiness.” Paul later revealed in an interview with Billboard in August 2017 that the song was intended to be titled “Temple”.

Paul said of the song in a press release: “I’ve been working on this record for a long time. It was a pleasure to work with David Guetta and his team as we got the production to the perfect sound. It was also great to work with Becky G and her team. Nuff love to all of them! The song is full of energy and I can’t wait for people to hear it!” Guetta added that they spent two years working on the song, and he is grateful that the song is finally getting released. He is proud of the track, praising Paul for his “unique style” and Becky G for her vocals, which “just make everything come together”. Becky G declared that she appreciates the opportunity to work with “an icon like Sean”. She regarded “Mad Love” as a song that “brings people together” and “give you the energy you need to get up and get on the dance floor”

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