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Gimme the Light is the first single from Jamaican dance hall artist Sean Paul's 2002 album Dutty Rock. It was his first hit single, peaking at #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also becoming a top 20 hit in the Netherlands, UK and Canada. It is the most popular hit single from the "Buzz" rhythm, which was the debut hit production for Troyton Rami & Roger Mackenzie a production duo of Black Shadow Records in Miami, Florida. In 2001, a fledgling Miami-based Jamaican production team known as Black Shadow created a new dancehall rhythm which they called "The Buzz". Of approximately 12 tracks that were vocalized by the latest stars and upcoming artists of dancehall, four of them became hits in the following year – Elephant Man's "Haters Wanna War", Cobra's "Press Trigger", Sizzla's "Pump Up", and Sean Paul's "Gimme The Light", which became the most popular one because of its catchy chorus. "The Buzz" became the biggest Dancehall rhythm of 2002, followed by the Diwali rhythm by Steven "Lenky" Marsden later on, which was also his first hit production. Black Shadow followed up "The Buzz" with the "Surprise" rhythm in 2003.

The unedited version of "Gimme The Light", as is the case with many Sean Paul releases, makes direct reference to smoking marijuana (in this case, passing along hydroponically grown marijuana, referred to as "the 'dro" in the song's chorus). The edited version of "Dutty Rock" contains the lyrics "Just gimme the light and start the show," instead of "pass the dro." Paul is also out clubbing and checking out women for a possible nightcap. References to marijuana were removed from the song for the edited version.

The official remix, "Gimme the Light (Pass the Dro-Voisier Remix)", was released featuring rapper Busta Rhymes. This version uses only the chorus from the original (the clean version also uses the unedited version's chorus), replaced by new lyrics from Paul and Busta, also of Jamaican heritage. The remix's name is referenced from Busta Rhymes' 2002 hit single, "Pass The Courvoisier, Part II".

The song's instrumental was used for the remainder of the remix of Sean Paul's next single, "Get Busy" featuring Fatman Scoop.

The song was included on Billboard's 12 Best Dancehall & Reggaeton Choruses of the 21st Century at number three.

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