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Known for her captivating covers of popular chart songs, Samantha Harvey is a pop vocalist from Suffolk, England. She discovered her love of singing at the age of eight and went on to explore her passion with a local youth drama company. It was there that she also developed a penchant for dancing and acting alongside singing, after she was given the lead role of Alice in the company’s production of Alice in Wonderland when she was 11 years old. Herhunger for the arts increased, and she graduated with a college diploma in performing arts. She went on to record herown videos, performing covers of songs by popular household artists such as Elvis Presley, Adele, and Ed Sheeran, and uploaded the footage to multiple social media sites. The videos began to generate attention and a turning point came when a fan approached her on Facebook to request that she cover the song "Angel" by Canadian singer/songwriter Sarah McLachlan for a departed loved one. Harvey did just that, and after a favorable response, she decided to releaseit as a charity single in order to raise funds and awareness for Cancer Research U.K. Her generosity, skill, and talent garnered an ever-burgeoning wave of attention, which paved the way for professional management, studio time, andsongwriting sessions both at home and overseas. Due to over whelming demand forher own material, the young singer went on to write and record her first original track and Samantha released the single "Forgive Forget" in the summer of 2017.

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