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    Ago 29 2006, 10h25 por marshee

    This post will once again be a big summary of the several things I've been planning to write about, but not managed so far: a review of Mando Diao's new album, new music discovered, comments about the site, and a bit about me for personalistaion.

    PART 1: Mando Diao'S NEW ALBUM

    OK, here we go... so the band Mando Diao (My favourite band) has released a new album in Japan and Germany, and it is due to come out in Sweden on the 6th September, a reason of great annoyance to me, which I will touch apon again in another part of this post later on. This means that I thought I had to order it from Germany, Switzerland, or America. All choices of which would cost £15 including p&p. I am suprised that ordering from Amazon US was the cheapest option as it was the German import version, however I am not willing to wait for up to 36 days for it to arrive. This means I tried "shopping around", and through froogle I found that I could get it in the UK for £8. …