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Self-Portrait is the debut extended play by South Korean singer Suho. It was released on March 30, 2020 by SM Entertainment. The EP features six tracks including the lead single, "Let's Love".

On February 18, 2020 SM Entertainment announced that Suho was preparing for his solo debut, and on February 27 it was announced that the singer had already completed recording the album. The release date was later announced along with the first promotional photo for the album.

The lead single "Let's Love" is described as a modern rock song with a warm atmosphere. The lyrics convey a message about mustering the courage to express love, even if you feel clumsy or inadequate.

"O2" is described as a dreamlike acoustic pop song. The lyrics are about two people with empty hearts who become each other's oxygen as they fall in love.

"Made in You" is a mid-tempo pop song that features a groovy drum beat and piano melody. The song is dedicated to Suho's fans, and the lyrics are about how he feels he wouldn't have made it this far or be who he is without them.

"Starry Night" is a ballad rock song that serves as a continuation of the story present in Suho's first solo song, "Curtain" (2017). The lyrics express the pain of parting with a lover.

"Self-Portrait" is a sentimental modern rock song with retro synthesizers and strings.

"For You Now" is an acoustic pop song with a piano driven melody. It presents lyrics conveying sincere gratitude and comfort from one person to another. The song features singer Younha.

Suho participated in writing and conceptualizing each song on the EP, and every track represents a piece of the album's connecting storyline.

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