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Born and raised in Natal-RN, Ryan came to live in João Pessoa-PB in 2008. It took time to meet people from the city's cultural scene and frequent the most alternative places of Rock / Metal / Reggae and etc. After attending such places and meeting some people from the underground scene, Ryan decides to get involved with music and initially was part of the band "Inglorium" that was formed in 2012, of Death Metal, where he played drums in the year 2013. after leaving from the vocalist he decides to venture into the vocals and it works, but the band Inglorium did not go ahead and stopped. after that he creates and idealizes Helltribe at the end of 2014, his then favorite project, recording the first sound record called '' Brutal Reality '', released in January 2016 and which is even the first recording of the Heavy Metal genre in the state from Paraíba mixing percussion and other rhythms besides metal. Thus fulfilling a dream he had since he was a teenager, mixing metal with African, Brazilian percussive rhythms and invented by himself and played by himself.

From 2014 to 2016 Helltribe plays several shows and had all the way planned to do shows even outside of Brazil, but the lack of unity and interest on the part of the members did not let this happen and the band stopped indefinitely. From then on Ryan spent 2 years being the vocalist of a Death Metal band in the city, and at the end of 2018, together with the former Helltribe guitarist, he decided to make songs to record a Helltribe album, which also for lack of members did not work. Ryan gathered all the compositions he had and took them to the studio to start recording with his first solo album called '' Tropical Hell '', which still has no release date but will be released in 2020.

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