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Jenny Hval is a Norwegian musician, singer, songwriter, lyricist and writer. She has released six albums - two under the name Rockettothesky - and four under her own name.
In 2015, Hval released her fifth studio album, Apocalypse, girl, to widespread critical acclaim. The following year, she released Blood Bitch, a concept album influenced by vampires, menstruation and 1970s horror films.
Until 1999, Hval was the vocalist of a gothic metal band called Shellyz Raven.
She studied at the University of Melbourne, Australia, specializing in creative writing and performance. While studying, she was vocalist in Australian bands iPanic and Folding For Air with Thomas McGowan releasing an EP "Are you afraid of heights?" in 2004.
Moving back to Norway, she released her debut EP Cigars in 2006, and was nominated for a Spellemannprisen (the Norwegian equivalent of Grammy awards) in the "best newcomer" category. Adopting the name Rockettothesky, she was signed to Trust Me Records, releasing two studio albums - To Sing You Apple Trees in 2006, and Medea in 2008.
Following the release of Medea, she went back to using her birth name. Signing on the label Rune Grammofon, she has so far released the albums Viscera (2011) and Innocence Is Kinky (2013). In 2015 she released her third album, Apocalypse, girl on New York City's Sacred Bones Records. Her solo music has been described as avant-garde, art-pop and "a kind of experimental folk music," among others terms.
She has also collaborated with Håvard Volden, as Nude on Sand, releasing a self-titled album, Nude on Sand, in 2012, and with Susanna Wallumrød, which resulted in a 2014 album Meshes of Voice (released on the Norwegian SusannaSonata label). She supported St. Vincent on a tour.
In 2016 she released the album Blood Bitch where she collaborates with Lasse Marhaug.

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