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Albuquerque has just birthed an incredible rock collaboration. ROCKBORN has entered the world amidst the high winds of Heavy Rock on the amazing chaparrals and stunning mesas of New Mexico. "Born to Rock" is a remarkably fresh album with exceptional uniqueness, creativity and star quality. Thanks to the amazing prowess, finesse and incredible recording abilities of legendary rock Producer/Engineer, Michael Wagener, the production on “Born To Rock" rises to the top tier of hard and heavy rock masters. The songs are meaningful, with thought provoking lyrics and memorable melodies that blend seamlessly with the heavy, and hard driving attitudes of the music.

ROCKBORN is a female-fronted heavy rock band that is intense, sexy, bluesy yet edgy with raspy, sassy power vocals performed with dynamic emotional passion which is rare and difficult to find. Consider if Deep Purple, Montrose, Black Sabbath, and Led Zeppelin gave birth to a single band, ROCKBORN is all of that. Dark, tasty guitar riffs and funky fresh bass lines, are lifted up to the stratosphere by the hard-hitting, solid drum rhythms and powerful, soaring vocals. ROCKBORN creates music with heartfelt lyrics, emotional depth, melodic intricacies that have a modern, contagious hard energy and down-to-earth classic grit, heavy with mystical “Zeppelinesque” romance and enduring timeless appeal.

ROCKBORN melds all of these elements into a bold, modern and completely unique style all their own that dares to cross over the lines of generations. "Born To Rock" brings a new rock sound capable of carrying the torch for hard rock and heavy metal music lovers the world over.

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