• albums I've acquired lately part 7,000.5

    Set 16 2009, 4h23 por argus

    Actual new music:
    super time pilot - Did We Happen To Begin? This is the new project of the man behind Robby Roadsteamer, but even given the semi-recent influx of acoustic Roadsteamer albums, this is kind of a change of pace. The humor and looseness is still present (Rob and Nikki tend to have some pretty hilarious ad-libs between verses of songs), but also songs that are downright pretty and sad, which is sort of rare.

    Just rescued from Goodwill:
    Elliott Smith - XO. I lost my copy of this somewhere down the line. I was obsessed with it for a while in 1998 and it's great to see it still holds up.

    Until the End of the World Soundtrack. I've never seen the movie, but had to pick this up since I remembered seeing this review of it. I really like that while it brings together a fairly diverse set of artists, it all has a certain dreamy but bittersweet feel to it and stays pretty cohesive. Right now my favorites are Julee Cruise's "Summer Kisses, Winter Tears" and REM's "Fretless".
  • Semi-recent purchases plus a vaguely dancey muxtape.

    Abr 26 2008, 18h37 por argus

    Cloud Cult - Feel Good Ghosts (Tea-Partying Through Tornadoes)). There are in fact a few moments of over-forced drama, I guess, but for the most part, yes, screw Pitchfork, this is beautiful.

    Flight of the Conchords - Flight of the Conchords. Pretty much a Best Of for the first season of the show; if they have any newer material I guess they're saving it for when/if there's a second one. I can see where this would be annoying if you watched and re-watched the dvd religiously, but personally I find it cool to have non-ripped-off-dvd versions of these songs to enjoy. My only complaints are 1) they sound kind of bored with Robots at this point, 2)Leggy Blonde isn't going to make much sense to a listener who hasn't seen the show (plus just hearing the office supplies solo loses some of the effect, and 3) I've honestly never been too big a fan of Bowie's in Space.

    Public Image Ltd. - The Greatest Hits, So Far. Kind of a lopsided listen…
  • Save a dinosaur, Save a Rhino, Save the Boston Music Scene... Roadsteamer

    Abr 17 2007, 1h40 por BostonNayNay

    YAY I get to write the first journal about !

    First off, this is much needed practice because I'm supposedly going to say something in his next video about the street steamers...

    Oh snap.. I'm already freezing up...

    I'll start by talking about the music (although I'd rather talk about what an inspiration Robby is to me...)

    Nobody glorifies the North Shore of Boston better than Robby does. In fact, I think his music speaks to all the suburbs of Boston and to life in Boston for people who come from any suburb. There is something that unifies everyone in the audience when they come to a show. Because it's not just for fat kids in sweatpants and nerds who sit at home and play 8-bit nintendo for 9 hours...

    If you've heard of Robby, chances are you've heard "I Put a Baby in You." If you flipped the cassette single over (hehe we should get cassette tapes made...) you've also heard "Duck Hunt" ... …