• О вездесущности...

    Mai 29 2009, 18h51 por Zverenok

    ... Richard Sinclair'а.

    Caravan включишь послушать - он там поёт и на басу шпарит


    Camel - снова он (фрагмент из моего любимого верблюжьего концерта, но в отвратнейшем качестве)


    Hatfield & the North - и тут спасенья нет


    Но хорош, хорош. Всюду хорош. Ничего не скажешь.
  • Abstract love poems from outterspace+bonus recommended tracks!

    Out 19 2008, 20h06 por ducksfortea

    Love songs... typically trashy. Ya just can't avoid them. But y'know, some of them aren't so bad. Here's a rundown of a few cool ones you should check out.

    Robert Wyatt - Just As You Are
    Perhaps best love song ever? A real earthy jazz feel, melancholy, you can taste the wine and smell the smoke just listening to it. It's beautiful. A couple admit they are not perfect, infact don't particularly like each other. However they would not dream of changing the other person as they love them just as they are...

    Kevin Ayers - May I
    Chill down, settle in a parisian cafe, order a glass of chilled wine. You catch sight of a girl and you just can't look away. All becomes calm and tranquil and relaxing as you gaze at her (in the non-creepy way). This song perfectly sums up that experience. It is one of the most laidback tracks I have ever heard, and Ayers' natural character bleeds into this track. Check out teenage Mike Oldfield's romantic bass playing.

    Matching Mole - O Caroline
  • My Fifteen Favorite Albums

    Ago 25 2006, 20h44 por JoeIsListening

    (Adapted from this original source.)

    Yes, I still call them albums. I grew up in the vinyl age after all, and even though it's been probably 20 years since I've listened to vinyl, it still holds a soft spot in my heart. I could wax eloquent on the magic and promise of music in the years of vinyl (maybe the CD is responsible for the music industry being in the pathetic shape it's in now), but I'll save that for another post.

    This post was triggered by my finally breaking down and ordering Architecture And Morality a few weeks ago, and realizing what a great album it really was. I even told my son that, had I the capability, that would be what an album I made would sound like.

    Then last night I happened to spot my vinyl copy of The Original Sin by Cowboys International. I found it about a year ago on CD, with an instrumental track missing and some singles and b-sides added under the title Revisited. And I realized what a great album that was…
  • Urban music for all!

    Jun 14 2006, 17h17 por RocketShipX41

    Musica Urbana - Musica Urbana (1975)

    This album is a real gem of Spanish rock. It's all instrumental and has strong touches of fusion, RIO, and even Canterbury in the mix. At times I think it's what you would have heard if National Health tried covering Return to Forever after listening to a bunch of Henry Cow records. The tracks, all in the 4-8 minute range, take all sorts of twists and turns, changing tempo, meter, and mood frequently, but hold together amazingly well. The keyboards tend to be most prominent, with electric piano and Moog standing out most. There's some good guitar work as well, and bits of woodwind and trombone thrown in for variety. The rhythm section is very tight, reminding me a lot of the Richard Sinclair/Pip Pyle combination. A truly outstanding effort. 13/15.
  • Finding Last.fm

    Mai 4 2006, 19h34 por ashrek

    Well atlast I too have jumped into the last.fm band wagon. This has been a whole new experience for me. Recently I have started collecting the albums of the band Camel.

    Camel never achieved the mass popularity of fellow British bands like the Alan Parsons Project, but they cultivated a dedicated cult following. Over the course of their career, Camel experienced numerous changes, but throughout the years, Andrew Latimer remained the leader of the band.

    Formed in 1972 in Surrey, Camel originally consisted of Latimer (guitar, flute, vocals), Andy Ward (drums), Doug Ferguson (bass), and keyboardist Peter Bardens, previously of Them. By the end of 1973, the group signed with MCA and released their eponymous debut. In 1974, the band switched record labels, signing with Decca's Gama subsidiary, and released Mirage. In 1975, Camel released their breakthrough album The Snow Goose, which climbed into the British Top 30. The band's English audience declined with 1976's Moonmadness