• Behold the sheer FRENCH BEAUTY of it all!

    Set 15 2008, 3h05 por Epitymbidia

    "I like Frenchmen very much,
    because even when they insult you
    they do it so nicely."
    (Josephine Baker)

    I think it's no secret that I love France, that I would kill to live in Paris, that I adore the French language (although unfortunately I don't speak it too fluent because I'm too lazy) - and that I have a - for me - quite untypical crush on so many French artists. I wouldn't call it "obsession", but maybe it's nearly something like that, who knows. So as I listened to a lot of what is generally called (oh-how I hate it that last.fm won't accept the cedilla...) I thought of writing a journal entry for quite some time now, but I wasn't sure which form I should use. I think I will just present (as in "list") those artists I like the most, accompanied by their album I think is the best so far, the one I think is the most representative - or just the only one I know.

    In addition to this journal entry I created a playlist to make all…