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Reed Deming is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter and producer from San Antonio, TX. In 2012 Deming was thrust into the public eye at the age of 13 by way of the reality competition series The X Factor USA, and secured a Top 24 spot before elimination. His audition generated tens millions of views under the moniker “The Next Justin Bieber” among others branding him similarly.

So, Deming rolled with it, and between 2012-2015 released 3 EP’s entitled Ridiculous, Satellites, and Sunny as well as a handful of singles, the most notable of which being Crash Test Dummy, the first single from his sophomore EP. The song tackled the topic of personal identity and self-acceptance, a promising spark of honest vulnerability from the then 15-year-old. Deming started touring heavily in 2014 alongside similar teen-pop artists and amassed an impressive social media following of about a million combined accounts across major platforms. This following furthered his artistic development, bringing him opportunities to work with writers and producers that challenged him both vocally and conceptually.

After a whirlwind of touring in 2016, Deming decided to step away from the teen social media universe to begin a crucial transitory period in his career: the evolution from a derivative teen pop singer into a raw but polished adult artist, crafting together roughly a dozen singles, some alone, some with acclaimed writers and producers from all across the country. Many of the collaborations showed progress, reminiscent of his still best-selling single Crash Test Dummy from 2014.

From a personally turbulent 2017 arose a wealth of both continued technical development and life experience. In the wake of 2017, Deming wrote several songs that topped his previous works both sonically and conceptually. To achieve the fullest potential of these songs, he turned to the expertise of Matt Noveskey, Crash Test Dummy’s co-writer and producer, and producer/mixer Joseph Milligan. The trio is in the process of completing Deming’s fourth (although in many ways his first) EP, a body of work dedicated to all that Deming has reflected on and experienced in his life.

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