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Group born and bred in Fortaleza, Brazil, this consort of long time friends played for a few years in bars and clubs around hometown, investigating from the jazz classic repertoire to 80's pop. To combine the sweet and brave sounds of the harmonic and guitar were the starting point for the group. After adding components whose areas of interest include Jazz, Cinema, Photography, Bossa Nova, Surf, Hang-glider, Theater, Techno and Football, Realejo X-tet was set to depart.
Dustan Gallas, Danilo Carvalho, Rian Batista and Denilson Lopes take advantage of not feeling held up by any style and exercise the freedom that music itself provides and try to build scenes and sceneries with an influence of the surprise element. They keep Jazz alive in their drum machines and build a drum arrangement thinking of Erasure, Jorge Ben , Ravel and Miles Davis, all living in the same heart. jazz,jazz,jazz.

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