• [SKFREE025] Zutsuu - Sounds of Reckoning ..out now for free on Splatterkore…

    Fev 22 2012, 11h19 por Zutsuu

    Zutsuu - Sounds of Reckoning [SKFREE025]

    Here is the latest release from Finnish DIY hardcore collective Kovaydin Vastarinta's ZUTSUU. Infused with a strong punk and tribal essence and conscious message, this album reflects the intensity of our era and truly captures the spirit behind the Splatterkore philosophy; hymns for the awakening and liberation of the so called doom-generation and anthems for the creation of the high-energy counter-civilisation.

    "This album is dedicated to our times. These sounds came to life between 2008-2012. As I have been evolving so has the Zutsuu project been evolving, not only in sound, but also in perspective from fear and hate into hope and love. The order of the tracks is also intentionally progressing from old to new.
    For a long time I've been influenced by Finnish and international conscious and political rappers and the whole mashup culture in hip hop. I didn't become a rapper myself and I figured I can…
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