• Some more stuff

    Jan 21 2007, 23h23 por Dufsa

    Every day there is more to explore in the haunted desert of singer-songwriters and alt-country freaks. I encountered this today:

    Colours Run
    The neatest Brittish pop songs that for once don't get boring or "Squeeze-already-did-that". Haven't we heard enough? No, we haven't. Another great thing is that they offer mp3s for free. Love that. I'm going to fill up my iPod.

    Reminds me of Swedish The Cardigans, which is natural, because they even covered Daddy's Car on a tribute album. Cute.

    For some reason this compilation keeps popping up when I listen to my favourite tag-stations: Folks Pop In At The Waterhouse.
    The record hasn't been scrobbled that much yet, but several unknown, sweet melancholic singer-songwriters are participating on it. The label, Waterhouse, is worth checking out.

    Imogen Heap (Just the name of that chick!!!)
    HerHide And Seek reminds me of "O Superman. Singing through synthesizers tends to create an eerie effect.