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  • Anos de atividade

    1994 – até o momento (27 anos)

  • Local de fundação

    Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Born in the city of Rio de Janeiro in 1994, QUINTESSENTE is a reference for musical versatility, full of heavy and atmospheric climates, influenced by many genres within Metal/Rock, such as: Doom, Gothic, Death, Traditional Heavy Metal and Progressive Rock. The first 2 works released, the demo tape The Mask of Dead Innocence (1996) and the EP Lonely Seas of a Dreamer (1999), both had a huge impact on the Rio de Janeiro underground scene.
It was 14 years of hiatus until the reunion took place in 2015.
The long-awaited debut album Songs From Celestial Spheres was released in 2017. It was exceptionally well received by the public and critics, both in Brazil and abroad, with several nominations for the select list of the biggest releases of 2017.
Beyond the sonority, the album brought the navigation through the firmament as a base concept, having as inspiration themes related to existentialism and reflections on the forces that govern human nature.

Following the successful album Songs From Celestial Spheres (2017), Quintessente reinvents itself and now minutely prepares the details of its latest musical work, the album: In Ruinam.
Based on the homonymous tale written by the vocalist André Carvalho, the fictional narrative brings the main character's mental and spiritual conflicts after plunging deeply into a depressive state of mind.
All the pain, anguish, melancholy, anger and excitement will be presented to the listener in 10 acts in In Ruinam that will be released soon.

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