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Puma Blue is the artistic alias of Jacob Allen, a young tyke from South London, UK who makes hazey after-hours torch songs. It sprang to live with immediate buzz following self releasing a demo called Only Trying To Tell You. Since performing under Puma Blue, earlier this year he released debut single Want Me, followed by his second called Soft Porn as well as embarking on his first live outings supporting the likes of Babeheaven. This month, he has released his debut EP Swum Baby, which is going down very well with music press.

Puma Blue is part of an emergent music scene in London alongside artists like Cosmo Pyke and Eastern Barbers that combines the more laid-back elements of lo-fi and shoegaze, Even jazz plays a role given the pace and mood that flows throughout the tracklisting of his debut EP. Given the rate of progress, it’s safe to say that Puma Blue is now leading the charge of that scene. Lyrically and musically, he provides a more intelligible alternative to the swathe of more commercial-leaning pop and rock British artists currently on offer, with an icy-cool aesthetic that is nearly impossible to not fall in love with. He’s not doing too badly live-wise either, having toured several times already as well as selling out his own headline show at London’s Montague Arms a little over a month ago.

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