• Week o'tracks (2/5 to 2/12)

    Fev 16 2006, 4h18 por cleverreference

    Due to a tie, here's my top 11 of the last week.

    1. Icebergs (49 plays): The Lovely Feathers were my new discovery for the week if you couldn't tell and I ended up playing them over and over during one of my sickish days. They've got that twitchy catchiness that reminds me a little of The Unicorns, a catchiness best exemplified on this track. It's already inspired car sing alongs thanks to the insidiously catchy "If we could do it in the ashtray!" chorus (I'd like to find the full lyrics printed somewhere). I'd really like to see this song played live at some point, it already makes me want to jump around as it is.

    2. Like You (20 plays): Made the list mainly due to the aforementioned loop. This song's just kinda friendly. It moves along at a leisurely drunken waddle, with vocals going between softer pop vocals and half shouts that sound like cats being strangled. Actually the vocals remind me of some of Ween's calmer moments. The lyrics are pretty simple ("I really, really, really like you"). …