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  • Anos de atividade

    2002 – até o momento (16 anos)

  • Local de fundação

    Évora, Évora, Portugal

Having perfected their distinctive and inimitable musical expression along a path that spans their 15-year long career, PROCESSOFGUILT are today one of the main driving forces on the Portuguese underground. Delivering massively heavy riffs on top of a punishingly precise, quasi-industrial, rhythm section, the band possesses a unique intensity that attracts listeners from a broad spectrum of music genres.
Vastly experienced when it comes to playing live – having even shared the stage with bands like Godflesh, Cult of Luna or Napalm Death and a spot at the 2013 edition of Roadburn Festival in Tilburg, where they played to a full and enthusiastic crowd at the legendary Green Room – their performances are pure displays of ferocity that leave no one indifferent. Recently, this ferocity earned them main stage privileges in such renowed festivals as Amplifest, Reverence Valada or VOA.
In 2017, after three successful albums («Renounce», 2006; «Erosion», 2009; «Fæmin», 2012) and three cooperations with other artists ( 10’ split w/ Caïna, 2007; «The Circle», 2010; 12’ split w/ Rorcal, 2014) with the release of Black Earth, PROCESSOFGUILT reafirm their musical vision as one of no paralell in the Portuguese and European underground.

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