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The sky is moody, grey and closing in. A rain-soaked t-shirt clings to your skin but all you notice is the sound of rain drops making a rhythmic pounding on the pavement as an intense roar of thunder, dares you to face it, breathe deep, and scream your defiance.

That’s the Point Defiance sound; an intense blend of original, angst-ridden storytelling, underscored by strong beats, tough riffs and tight harmonies, where an unexpected slash of solo guitar and edgy melody take you on a wild ride into the moody, grey storm.

The lead singer, Lamar, exudes strong, passionate vocals and mannerisms that ride seamlessly into urgent waves of powerful guitar hooks and aggressive drums. His song writing prowess and energetic performances derive from being born of deaf parents, learning to communicate a lifetime of unique expression on stage. These things coupled with a tight brotherhood with band-mates Lucas, Danny, and new members Travis Bracht and Jeff Bernstein, provide for an unmistakable Seattle sound yet with a signature all their own.

On stage, the band grabs you by the scruff of your soul and takes off, sparking crowds into a head-tossing, sweaty, happy mess, where the band’s close connection inspires perfect timing and cohesive arrangements that make them play like a well-oiled machine.

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