• Hands Up 9-11-2008

    Nov 9 2008, 14h51 por speedy_kevin

    Here is my second journal, discussing the Hands Up and Dance releases from the last week.
    Again let me know you think of it, and what you think about the songs!

    Fantasy Dance Hits 11
    TI-MO with 'Dancecore Brother' has the true TI-MO/Pimp! Code sound in it. But for some reason this track just doesn't do it for me.
    Lazy Monkeys did a remake of the old Sash song; Colour The World. The Sample Rippers remixed this song with the known laid-back intro. I totally love the version from Sash, so i'm not too fond on this one, the melody doesn't really fit imo.
    The new Ekowraith - Countdown To Love is the first song from the album I really like. I like the melody, and the bells at the end of the songs finish it nicely!
    Skipping a few song we get to the Ekowraith remix of Refresh - Summertime. Must say i've haven't heard the Original Mix yet, but this song is a real banger!
    I can say the same about Drop Kicks - Fire, it is a bit harder but it still has a happy melody.
    Not new but Scooter - 'Jump That Rock' is imo just great! Everything Scooter makes totally works for me.