• Shami's Soundbyte – 17/05/09

    Mai 17 2009, 3h57 por shamikebab

    This week I have some more great albums and EPs to review, a couple may be familiar, several may not be. Please do try and listen to at least a track of each, you never know you may enjoy it! As always comments are appreciated!

    Atlas Plug - 2 Days Or Die


    Tom Salta is a soundtrack composer behind many popular video gamee scores such as Red Steel, Tom Clancy's H.A.W.X. and the Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter Games. Atlas Plug is his pseudonym as a recording artist, his first album '2 Days Or Die' could be simply dismissed as a video game soundtrack album (indeed many of the tracks from it have been featured in big games since) but this would be doing the album a disservice. Salta shows of his ability to combine elements from rock, hip hop, electronica and orchestral music into a high tempo album.

    Track Breakdown

    The album opens with the high octane 'Halfway Till Bliss' a layered track with a catchy hook and minimalistic vocals.