• Last week of May - summary

    Mai 29 2006, 17h14 por Vami

    1. Pink Floyd 154 plays

    Well I did a Pink Floyd marathon. Effect? I prefer those radio-friendly tracks, while those long instrumental masturbations just bore me to death. Still, pure class, as I love the classics like Wish You Were Here, etc.

    2. Pearl Jam 49 plays

    Ha. Second spot for a grunge band. In fact there's a hell lot of hard rock in them, fuck grunge. Pearl Jam are OK. However, the last album is too alternative.

    3. Pedro Botero 42 plays

    Surprise. Spanish band (it's not the name of a person, but the name of the band :P). They play hard rock in a very American way, but with Spanish lyrics. Highly recommended.

    4. Loituma 28 plays

    http://www.maxior.pl/?p=index&id=18410&0 Click and be damned.

    5. Poison 25 plays

    Classic hair metal band. Do I need to comment? Amazing stuff!

    6-7. Power Quest & Peter Sarstedt 22 plays

    I already wrote about Power Quest some time ago. They combine AORish melodies, power metal guitars with thrash metal drums. The effect is ultra good! Two wonderful albums!