• Idle Will Kill

    Ago 16 2008, 19h00 por dogdayafternoon

    Osker were still in their teens when releasing their debut full length Treatment 5. Reviews at the time were generally positive citing the bands youthful age and their competent if not revolutionary take on Rancid/ Green Day. At the same time singer/guitarist Devon Williams was becoming increasingly confrontational with audiences openly baiting his own fans and berating what he perceived as fashion chasing in the scene.

    There is a video from the time of the band supporting Guttermouth. The first thing you notice is how youthful and defiant Osker were and the potential these pop-punk ditties possessed. In it a babyfaced Williams is openly at war with the crowd and refuses to play the part of the compliant opening act. His performance is a times heroic, at times cringe inducing and had i been in the crowd at the time i would have probably been angered myself but to his credit he stuck to his guns. Fortunately he had a plan to disengage from the scene and fulfil the bands potential: Idle Will Kill.