• PLAYLIST: 04/05/2010> AVAntýry: Diletantství, absurdita a parodie v hudbě

    Mai 9 2010, 17h11 por buKaKe

    1. Komar & Melamid and Dave Soldier – The Most Unwanted Song (The People’s Choice Music, Dia Art Foundation, 1997)
    2. Orpheus Chamber Orchestra – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Ein musikalischer Spaß in F major, k.522 – IV Presto (Mozart – The Wind Concertos – Serenades – Divertimenti, Deutsche Grammophon, 1991)
    3. Klaus Bayer– Hauptmann Pfeffers einsamer Herzenklub (Hauptmann Pfeffers einsamer Herzenklub, Staalplaat, 2001)
    4. Klaus Bayer – Gestern (Hauptmann Pfeffers Einsamer Herzenklub, Staalplaat, 2001)
    5. The Residents– Strawberry Fields (The Warner Bros. Ablum, unreleased, (1971?))
    6. The Residents – Oh Mommy, Oh Daddy, Can’t You See That It’s True (The Warner Bros. Ablum, unreleased, (1971?))
    7. Now – Dwellpoint (The Hepadaboo, Flau, 2008)
    8. Now– Relieve The Food (The Hepadaboo, Flau, 2008)
    9. James Call – Big Fun Maki Time!!! (Japanese Dance Track) (The Real James Anthology, Mishap, release date unknown)
    10. Angelo Badalamenti – Love Theme From Twin Peaks (Soundtrack From Twin Peaks, Warner Bros. Records, 1990)
  • On a year of scrobbling (updated)

    Jan 31 2008, 15h40 por Eclectic-G

    January 30, 2008 was the first anniversary of my registration with last.fm. In honour of this major milestone, I thought that I would take a snapshot of my listening during this first year. If I am still scrobbling in one year's time, I will be able to look back on this snapshot to see how it has evolved.

    The snapshot is composed of two lists: a list of my 25 top "artists" up to now, and a list of my 10 top tracks played. (Updated: This journal was originally based on the latest information that last.fm was able to provide to me, dated January 28, 2008. It has since been updated with the information dated January 31, 2008.)

    The information in these lists is worth what it is worth. (And that's not much.) In my last.fm career I have learnt that one cannot put too much credence in the statistics last.fm provides. The problems that I have noted include:

    - Tracks being played and but not being scrobbled. (The first case of this that I noted was early in my career. …