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Ondreaz Lopez is an American social media star that first rose to fame through the video sharing platform TikTok. Ondreaz is known for his dancing videos on TikTok and has become one of the platform’s most-followed users alongside his brother, Tony. Fans also follow his YouTube channel that he shares with his brother, titled “The Lopez Brothers.”

Ondreaz is one of the members of the TikTok collective Hype House and lives in Los Angeles with some of the TikTok stars; they collaborate together on content.
Ondreaz Lopez was born on April 4, 1997 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ondreaz has a brother, Tony, and together they make up “The Lopez Brothers” YouTube channel. In high school, the brothers were known for dancing at pep rallies and school functions. The pair have been dancing together for years. He has one other brother named Xavier.

As of August 2020, Ondreaz has more than 1 million Twitter followers, 18.5 million TikTok followers and 4.8 million Instagram followers. His joint YouTube page with his brother, The Lopez Brothers, has more than 1.79 million subscribers.

Ondreaz first rose to fame on the video sharing platform TikTok. Since joining the platform, he has become one of the most successful users on TikTok. Both Ondreaz and his brother Tony are famous on TikTok and have a similar number of followers. Both brothers show up in each other’s videos often.

Ondreaz and his brother Tony are both members of the TikTok collective Hype House, a place where some of TikTok’s brightest stars collaborate and create content together. The house was created in December 2019 as a way for the stars to leverage their content and grow their followings. The Hype House boosts members such as Avani Gregg and Chase Hudson.

Both Ondreaz and his brother Tony live at the physical Hype House in Los Angeles; however, they spend time at home in Las Vegas when they are not in Los Angeles.

In addition to his TikTok page, Ondreaz runs a YouTube page with his brother where they post a variety of videos, including dance videos, comedic videos and challenge videos. Ondreaz tries to keep his social media positive, he has said, amid all the negativity in life.

The star has appeared on Showtime at the Apollo with Steve Harvey.

The TikTok creator has a few tattoos, including one of the family last name, “Lopez,” on his arm.

In 2020, Ondreaz was accused of sexually assaulting a 17-year-old fan in 2018 during an event in Las Vegas, where the age of consent is 16 years old. The person, identified as AI on Twitter, claimed that Ondreaz and the members of his dance team at the time slept over at AI’s house before their tournament. AI and Ondreaz slept in the same bed and the star “forced” them to touch his genitals.

The TikTok star denied the incident and posted his own rendition of events, saying that he invited the person up to his bed and they mutually made out before the person said they did not want to have sex. At no point did that person have to force themselves out from under Ondreaz, he said. He apologized to the person and said he would never want to put them through what he had gone through as a child.

In his statement, the TikTok star said he himself was a victim of sexual assault on two different occasions. In one situation, a male friend of his older brother molested him when he was 8 years old. The second situation involved a family member still in his life, Ondreaz said, and did not provide further information.

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