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Patillas - Vox & Guitar
Marco - Lead Guitar
James Surt - Bass
Daviti - Drums

There's no question that Omission are one of the most important Spanish Thrash Metal bands. Their songs remind of the German Thrash of the 80s, but they don't sound nostalgic or outdated. Quite the contrary: they manage to transport the style which came up with the first releases of Kreator, Sodom and the like into the present day. And they prove that this raw, hard-hitting thrash isn't just a music style which became fashionable in the 80s, but a musical genre of its own which nowadays sounds as timeless and fresh as ever. Omission convince old and new fans alike, because they've always kept the true spirit of thrash metal alive - in music, aesthetics and attitude.

Their energetic, intense live shows attract more and more fans every time the get on stage, especially in Spain and Portugal, and even outside the Iberian Peninsula. But Omission haven't become so famous overnight - they've earned their success through many years of hard work and constant live shows in the underground as well as three self-released demos. It was only after the release of their debut album that they got a deal with the cult underground label Xtreem Music, who re-released their first full-length "Thrash Metal Is Violence" in 2010 due to its enormous success. Their second album has been released on Xtreem Music as well.

"Merciless Jaws from Hell" was released in January 2011 and is doubtlessly their best effort as of today. The new album contains newly recorded songs which fans will surely recognize from the demos, as well as totally new song material. On "Merciless Jaws from Hell" the energy and vehemence of their live shows is captured better than ever, and the sound is crisp and powerful without sounding clean, doing justice to the old as well as to the new songs. An authentic Thrash album, straight and powerful, but with a degree of variety hard to find among extreme Thrash music. An absolute must for every Thrash fan!

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