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"East Bay singer/songwriter, Noah Mac, has a modern raw indie sound influenced by old school rhythm and blues. He has an affinity for banging on old pianos, mixing live on stage, and writing his own lyrics. Noah is a young kid with an old soul. His self taught style is fresh, haunting, and full of emotion. "

Noah Mac started singing at the Age of seven, when he asked to sing at his sister's funeral. He sang "Judy and the Dream of Horses" by Belle and Sebastian; one of her favorite songs. He would start musical theater that summer and discover his love for music and performing. At The age of 10 he taught himself to play the piano, a vintage (slightly out of tune) upright in his mother's art studio where he stayed after school. He created little stickers for the keys, and learned to play by ear, taking a song he knew, playing with it until it turned into something else. It wasn't long before he was strumming a guitar, then he began writing. At 15 he started performing his own music in coffee shops and local events. At 17 he released his first EP "Light", a beautiful collection of songs he wrote the year before, in his backyard studio.

Noah is passionate about the process, he loves waking up with a melody in his head, writing lyrics, composing, arranging, and bringing the song to life in production. His style is hard to nail down; for him every song is like a painting full of color and meaning. Each one is different, each one has its place in time and its own message and meaning.

Noah believes in art and artists, music and music makers, and their role in collaborating with the universe to transform what we see and hear into something we feel.

We sold out of the LIGHT CD but more are on the way, should arrive around January 8th.

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