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João Victor Mendes Fonseca was born on June 28, 1999, in Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro. His parents are Maria Célia and entrepreneur Robson Fonseca, and he has a younger sister, Maria Eduarda. He says that his parents came from lower-class families and worked hard for everything they have accomplished. In 2001, Cliff and his family moved to São Paulo due to his father's profession. From age 7, he attended Nossa Senhora das Graças, a private Catholic school.

Cliff began to develop his love for music at the age of four. Influenced by some of the musical genres and bands that his father used to hear, such as A-ha, Queen, Dire Straits and The Police, Cliff also started studying the English language, as his mother had noticed that it was a great interest for him. Célia encouraged him to pursue proficiency in the language, which he studied for seven years. He studied at Municipal School of Artistic Initiation (EMIA), a public and free institution where he also had Corporal Expression classes. Shortly thereafter, Cliff entered the rehearsals of his school band, where he played the trumpet and stayed for a short time. Always connected to music, he used to perform at his school's talent shows whenever he had the opportunity and also used to pretend to have a band with his little neighbourhood friends called Mini Estrela (Mini Star). In 2014, he wrote and recorded a Spanish parody of Katy Perry's "Dark Horse" entitled "La Equivocada" ("The Mistaken Girl"), which reflects on male chauvinism situations to which women are subjected.

In 2017, he started going to college for Graphic Design.

In late 2017, Cliff producer Axeblowz, with whom he worked on his first authorial and not-yet-released track that is known to feature rapper Tru$tory.

In June 2018, Cliff confirmed that he had started working on his debut studio album. He is known to be working with producer Jacq.

On July 9, he was featured on Babilon’s debut EP “Versos da Katorze”. They collaborated on the track “Amante do Perigo”, a Brazilian funk track. Cliff’s verses are sung and rapped in both English and Spanish.

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