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Not By Elmo - Another Box Last year was great for Nirvana fans, so… as a sequel to The Elmo Collection,

and as a way to spread our passion for Nirvana's Music, I compiled "Not By Elmo",

Filling in with some great music that was left out of the previous Box

Frist some Live & weird tracks from the SBD of 10-24-1989, Manchester, Uk Show,

including a 30 seconds jam on Lipps INC's Funkytown

01 - Funkytown (Lipps INC Jam) Live

02 - Token Eastern Song - Live

03 - Spank Thru - Live

04 - Even In His Youth - Live

Then from The "Nevermind Demos & Outtakes", including the mythical Sound City Sappy

05 - Polly (Smart Sessions - alternate mix)

06 - Here She Comes Now (Smart Sessions - alternate mix)

07 - Sappy (Sound City Sessions)

08 - Old Age (Sound City Sessions - alternate take mix 1)

09 - Old Age (Sound City Sessions - alternate take mix 2)

10 - Verse Chorus Verse (Sound City Sessions - alternate take)

And from MOH2, a Home Demo featuring Courtney Love

11 - Stinking Of You (Home Demo)

From the SBD of 07/03/92 -Madrid, ES Show, I included a selection of the highlights

During 'Pennyroyal Tea' there were some volume drops, that where fixed (mastered) by me.

12 - The Money Will Roll Right In (Fang Cover) Live

13 - Pennyroyal Tea - Live

14 - Son Of A Gun (Vaselines Cover) - Live

15 - Molly's Lips (Vaselines Cover) - Live

The In Utero Demos & Outtakes, provides some more greatness

16 - Scentless Apprentice (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

17 - Milk It (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

18 - I Hate Myself and Want To Die (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

19 - Gallons of Rubbing Alcohol Flow Through The Strip (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

20 - Onwards Into Countless Battles (Unleashed Cover) (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

21 - Seasons in the Sun (Rio Sessions - alternate mix)

22 - tourette's (Pachyderm Sessions - alternate mix)

23 - Heart-Shaped Box (Pachyderm Sessions - alternate instrumental take)

Almost finishing the collection from the (in)famous In Utero Reel 5, with the mythical

Lullaby organ Jam!

24 - Dumb (Alt Mix)

25 - Dumb (Alt Instrumental Take)

26 - Dave Solo

27 - Marigold (Take 1 - Instrumental)

28 - Marigold (Take 2 - Instrumental)

29 - Marigold (Take 3 - Alt. Mix)

30 - Lullaby (Instrumental)

Finishing off, with another one from MOH2

31 - Come on Death (Home Demo)

For the artwork I used one of Kurt drawings

There is not enough kind words & thanks for /u/mynameis_elmo

for all the amazing music he/she shares

and for all the others that made avaliable these tracks, big thanks!!!

& keep on the good work

Download here

As a Way to respect the Integrity of the live shows, and as a bonus for this post

Here is the Manchester, Uk SBD

And the one Madrid, (for this one I redid the cue between tracks, and fixed the volume drops,

during 'Pennyroyal Tea', fade in & out for the start & end of the show removing the P.A. music)

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