• Favourite Albums - E

    Ago 15 2010, 14h58 por raw_melody_man

    New Model Army - Eight
    Released : 2000

    And so we move onto E, and yes Immortella you guessed correctly!!! The first appearance of my favourite band New Model Army on my list. I have this album on CD and is the most treasured CD in my collection. Not only because it's an excellent album but because it is the only album I own which has been signed. Not only that, but signed by my music idol. Yes, when NMA toured this album in March 2000, I saw them in Manchester and was lucky enough to meet Justin Sullivan after the gig and he was kind enough to sign the album for me. Me and my mate (known on Last.FM as Hawkdeath) waited for about an hour that night outside the club, and eventually saw Justin sneaking out the backdoor walking down the road to get a curry. Luckily I was on hand to scream “JUSTIN!! JUSTIN!!” like a teenage girl, and he came over and gave us a couple of autographs – nice guy.

    If I start writing about how much I love this band I will be here all night…