• Triple J's Hottest 100, 2009

    Jan 26 2010, 0h42 por PJ27

    Once again we've come around to the countdown to the supposed world's biggest music poll. Much like any poll or list, it's fundamentally flawed, but that hardly stops people from enjoying it.

    I'll be providing some commentary as the countdown happens, mostly just ramblings bout the past year in music.

    And of course, the song that just missed out this year was Ain't Telling The Truth by Bluejuice. I'm kinda surprised really, I was expecting this one to make it in. For some reason, I always found this song kinda annoying.

    100. Wheels by Foo Fighters.
    Man, did this one get a thrashing on commercial radio last year. Actually, I don't think I can even recall it being played on Triple J. Not that that's stopped songs making it in before.

    99. Hell by Tegan and Sara.
    Not one of my favourite's from the year, but I always enjoyed it when it came on. This was one of the one's I thought could go either way as far as being included.

    98. New Fang by Them Crooked Vultures.