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Mystific also known as Aaron Mello is a music producer in São Paulo - Brazil. Specializing currently in Bass Music, has toured several countries and labels around the world. Mystific began his early musical career at age 16 almost, where he produced essentially 'Hip Hop' and 'jingles' for radio and TV, with training in 'Audio-Visual". Mystific over the years found the 'Drum and Bass' in which he fell in love and since then has been producing only this style. Are 15 years of love for the bass and is now accompanied by major releases in many labels like: Influenza Media (beside of Submorphics), Celsius Records, Liquid Tones, Soul Deep Recordings, DNBB, Liquid Drops among others. His latest release is in the hands of the independent label 'Soul Bass Recordings'. Among other releases that are coming in over 5 labels. Mystific is the C&O's DNBB Group that comprises other four record labels and has done a wonderful job in the Drum and Bass scene, with about 350 releases in five years of group life. You can hear every third Saturday of the month in the 'Future Sounds Radio' along with Dj Valozi in Bass Session program and lose if it is repeated in Innersence DNB Radio in the room Saturday.

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