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Mors Subita is a modern melodic death metal band hailing from Oulu in Finland’s North. Formed in 2000, Mors Subita fast became known for their killer riffs and dynamic attitude and took the scene by storm releasing four demotapes and two EP’s, earning them the attention of record companies and a rapidly growing fanbase.

The release of their first full-length album “Human Waste Compression(2011)” saw the band explode within the melodeath scene, and the highly-anticipated follow-up “Degeneration (2015)” saw the band reaching new heights, with both albums hitting the official charts in Finland and receiving worldwide praise throughout the metal community. Using this arsenal of melodic chaos, the band has laid waste to some of the biggest stages across Finland and forged a reputation for their heavy hitting and high energy stage show, showcasing their unparalleled skill and proving they are a force to be reckoned with.

Now in 2018, Mors Subita have returned with their third offering of unrelenting melodic masterpieces, loaded with the signature riffage, blistering drumming and crushing bass lines that make up their identity. This third full-length album "Into the Pitch Black (2018)" proves that this band has only just begun to push the boundaries of their musicianship and songwriting, and will see them continue to rise as one of the top emerging acts amongst the Finnish melodeath elite.

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