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  • Anos de atividade

    2010 – até o momento (12 anos)

  • Local de fundação

    Porto, Porto, Portugal

In 2009, Pedro Quelhas and Cristiano Brito parted with their former musical project (Deep Cut), determined to venture on a new project and a different kind of sound. Inspired by the rising northern melodic death-metal scene, and by fusing that with multitude of different musical influences that focused on mixing heavy and melodic elements, the core of Moonshade’s sound was, thus, defined. Ricardo Pereira (singer/lyricist) and former members Dinis Martins (guitarrist) and Ruben Oliveira (bassist), joined shortly after. In 2010, the band's first demo, The Path Of Redemption, was released online for free.

In 2014, by joining forces with session drummer Luís Neto and new member Afonso Aguiar (bassist), their latest EP was released: Dream | Oblivion, a concept work that forced the band to undergo changes in their formation that lead to the entrance of Sandro Rodrigues (drummer) and Daniel Laureano (guitarrist), along with Nuno Barbosa (keyboardist).

In 2015, Moonshade continued to bring Dream | Oblivion to the masses, with concerts in events such as Vagos Open Air and Pax Julia Metal Fest, allowing them to share the stage with bands like Amorphis, Heaven Shall Burn, Within Temptation, Vildhjarta and Avulsed, to name a few.

In 2017 bassist Afonso left the band, being replaced by Nuno Barbosa, who accumulated the duties of bassist and keyboardist. It was with this lineup that the band finished the recording and mixing process of their debut full length album, Sun Dethroned, released by Art Gates Records in October 2018. After two sold-out presentation shows and during the album's following portuguese tour, which saw the band share the stage with names such as Omnium Gatherum and Decapitated, drummer Sandro Rodrigues left the group, being temporarily replaced by Diogo Mota, with whom Moonshade embarked on their first ever international tour, in October and November 2019.

The year is 2020 and the band are currently writing a new album, more alive than ever in the continued effort to musically redefine chaos, death and despair.

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