• Sunday Times Top 100 Albums 2010

    Dez 13 2010, 10h07 por Babs_05

  • Like water, like air

    Nov 21 2010, 11h05 por Eyoki

    Tue 3 Apr – Mitsuko Uchida, Brentano String Quartet:

    Mitsuko Uchida playing mozart concertos, accompanied just by a string quartet. I still remember picking up the schedule of upcoming concerts from the stand at the royal festival hall and seeing this concert in it. I'd been working up to 'trying' classical music for some time and suddenly i knew that the moment had come.

    What a night it was! From the first note i was in heaven. Uchida's piano playing, as cool and fluid as water and the quiet warmth of the Brentano String Quartet - they were just perfect together. They seemed to dance around one another like molecules of air. I stopped myself from listening to any music for several days afterwards in a desperate (and of course doomed) attempt to hold onto the memory of the music.

    I've been to see her two or three times since - solo or accompanied by a full orchestra; but the music has never been as magical as it was that evening.
  • Inextinguishable

    Nov 13 2010, 19h28 por Eyoki

    Thu 6 May – Nielsen Symphony No 4:

    This was the first of any kind that i'd ever heard live and it was , wild music (I can certainly see why Nielsen dubbed it "the Inextinguishable"). It burnt like a massive auditory bonfire and made me an instant fan of the London Symphony Orchestra. In fact, it made such an impression i almost forgot all about the two pieces on the programme which preceded it.

    And yet it wasn't even the reason i went. I actually bought the ticket as a chance to hear Mitsuko Uchida, who was the soloist on the second part of the programme, play Mozart. She did this beautifully, as she always does. And the Haydn symphony which came first was good too... as far as i can recall.

    But it was the Nielsen i really remember. Inextinguishable in my memory.
  • Like marble

    Out 8 2010, 19h51 por Eyoki

    Tue 5 Oct – Mitsuko Uchida:

    Another very well received concert by Japanese piano virtuoso Mitsuko Uchida. She played works by Beethoven, Schumann and Chopin. For some reason however i found it hard to engage with the music, beautiful though it was.

    Part of the reason may have been distractions from other members of the audience - coughs, malfunctioning hearing aids, rustling carrier bags... we had them all; but part of it was probably also down to the venue: the Royal Festival Hall seems to swallow the warmth in any music played there - and Uchida's style is rather cool anyway.

    Without an orchestra or - as at the concert where i first discovered her - a string quartet to 'warm' up the sound and fill it out her music making felt rather remote. From me at any rate.
  • Featured Music: Crazy Cat Woman

    Ago 23 2008, 22h13 por Exolessar

    This woman have everything---prominent birth, excellent upbringing, genius---and achieved everything---the world sees Mitsuko Uchida who has obtained a self no longer challenged by the "her".

    Still, the dream unfulfilled: the expression of a metamorphosis that resolves the fundamental categories.

    The price of fire indifferent---beauty can be liberated by intensity only. Though the Music has enough integrity in itself.

    Bio highlights (excerpt taken from Fanfare.com):

    After winning a second prize at the Leeds Competition in 1975, ignoring conventional wisdom and eschewing the competition circuit and the usual paths to fame, Uchida embarked on her own self-directed and liberating explorations into music - and at the time, into Mozart in particular. In the next several years devoted herself to an intensive self-study of music. She listened and read. Indulging her fascination with Mozart, she studied everything about the composer, his works…
  • Nights (or days) to remember forever?

    Mar 23 2007, 20h37 por Eyoki

    I was just playing a track called Self Portrait, on which the great jazz drummer Max Roach shows just how much subtle beauty a drum kit is capable of in the hands of a master. This reminded me of the night i saw him live at the Royal Albert Hall a few years ago. He was old and arthritic, yet behind the kit he seemed to transcend infirmity and reach into some other place entirely. I still get mocked for it but for ages afterwards all i could talk about was the way he touched those cymbals of his - it was as if he was playing the air itself.

    There have only been a few other concerts like that. Interestingly, when those moments have occurred they have often been at concerts i went to on the spur of the moment and when i didn't really expect that much but was just feeling willing to take a risk.

    One such occasion was the time i heard Mitsuko Uchida playing Mozart concertos, accompanied just by a string quartet. That was also at the Royal Albert Hall. …
  • Top 5 Pianists You Should Give A Listen

    Ago 23 2006, 1h53 por youblinkimgone

    In a particular order.

    1. Vladimir Horowitz - "There are three kinds of pianists: Jewish pianists, homosexual pianists, and bad pianists." Sorry. I think that quote is comedy. Anyways, ridiculous bowties and all he is, hands down, my favorite pianist of all time. He was truly The Last Romantic.

    2. Martha Argerich - Because she plays what the boys play but faster!!!

    3. Arcadi Volodos - Although I am still bitter that he canceled his performance in MN.
    I am. I'm still bitter.

    4. Leif Ove Andsnes - Up & Coming.

    5. Sviatoslav Richter - So I'm a sucker for Russian old school.

    Honorable mentions:
    Julius Katchen, Mitsuko Uchida, Glenn Gould
  • move along, nothing to see here

    Jul 13 2006, 5h02 por AdriaNnLA

    I should call this my extended personal recommended list.

    The sole purpose of this journal entry is to store a handful of artists / albums / tracks which have been recommended to me or that I've stumbled across and would like to review.

    These may have been personally recommended to me from friends, neighbors or fellow group members. They also come from similar artists (on a liked artist page), something I heard on my launchcast radio station, etc.

    Only at the time of their addition to this list they are not yet streamable on last.fm

    This clutters up my recommended lists with "useless" entries, yet I don't want to just purge and lose them.

    So until last.fm implements a bookmark or fans list we can maintain in our dashboard, I'll be storing them here.

    And if I'm not mistaken (hopefully) little green or gold play buttons will alert me to newly streamable content - woot!

    Once I realize an artist listed here is streamable on last. …