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  • Local de nascimento

    Toronto, Ontario, Canadá

Mike Milosh, known professionally as Milosh, is a Canadian electronic musician from Toronto, Ontario, who is currently based in Los Angeles, California. He was married to actress Alexa Nikolas.

Milosh started learning classical cello at age three, took up drumming, and studied jazz and vocals at university.

The Los Angeles-based record label Plug Research released two of Milosh's albums including 2004's You Make Me Feel and 2006's Meme. In 2008, he contributed the track "Then It Happened" on the Ghostly International/Williams Street album Ghostly Swim, which was released as a free digital download. Later that year he released his third record, iii, with Plug Research in the U.S. and Studio !K7 in the EU. In 2009 he collaborated with Paul Pfisterer on album New Territory. He formed the band Rhye, with Robin Hannibal, and they released the debut album, Woman in March 2013. He released his 4th solo record, Jetlag, in November 2013 on his own label, Deadly. In July 2017 Rhye released a single entitled 'Please', and - through social media - promised the release of a second album later that year.

To quote "Milosh":

I try to capture moments of my life in the songs that I create. I take things that, for whatever reason – be it good, bad or sad, have moved me in some way. I wrap them up in sounds that I think are cool and fit what I am trying to say. I try to ride that thin line of mixing technology with some heart and I try not to cloud the original intention of the song. Basically I like pretty things and in turn I am trying to make pretty things.

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