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Someone Else is the thirteenth track from Miley Cyrus's 4th studio album Bangerz. The song is an Electro-R&B, Hip hop and Synthpop song with Glitch influences.. The song lyrically talks about how Cyrus' failed attemtps at romance and the duration of her time recording have turned her into someone else. Someone Else was written by Cyrus, Mike Will Made It, MoZella, P-Nasty, and Rock City; it was produced by Mike Will Made It, with co-production by P-Nasty, and engineered by Chris "Tek" O'Ryan. Stephen Hybicki recorded the song, which was later mixed by Jaycen Joshua assistance from Ryan Kaul.

The song is an EDM-inspired song, with elements of Hip Hop, Synthpop, Eurodance, and during the intermissions between the chorus and verses, has glitch music elements. Lyrically, it speaks of how Cyrus' high expectations of a relationship were additionally misled and cliche, and not only that, but during the duration of recording her album and promoting it, she truly evolved; she's turned into someone else, herself.

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