• [12] Miles Davis – Birth Of The Cool (1957)

    Jun 16 2008, 19h37 por Llorenza

    Miles Davis - Birth of the Cool

    I don’t get it.

    Miles Davis is one of the geniuses. Someone everybody knows. Someone who was apparently the first in many styles. Someone who was a great influence for many artists.

    But when listening to this album, it never becomes more than nice background music. Sure, Miles Davis can play the trumpet very well. But even after several tries (and the ability to distinguish the songs from each other) it still sounds like nice background music. The only vocal track (Darn That Dream) suffers the same fate, even though the lyrics are nice (Darn that dream – and bless it too. Without that dream I would never have you.)

    Well, obviously one isn’t called a genius because of his ability to create great background music, so there must be another conclusion:

    I don’t get it…

    (Vallen nog mee: Move, Venus de Milo)

    PS: I could swear the windows tune for a new email is hidden somewhere in Budo.