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    Ago 3 2007, 14h21 por franksting

    Today I just felt like writing something naff. I plan to intersperse it with the song I am listening to as I write...Headlong...but still keep the flow of consciousness running. I sometimes write other naff posts over at my www.franksting.com but I try to share my random musing around a bit. The Frames are playing Sydney in a couple of weeks. It's mid-week. Always fun when you have a child and a pregnant wife. Ever feel selfish? I Would LOVE even more to go and see them support Bob Dylan, but unfortunately they are playing at the "Entertainment Centre". Great for Basketball - sux for a gig. So pass I will ...Caught By The River...I wonder if anyone can suggest any good gigs coming up soon? I'd especially love if I could double up a late one after a Swans game! Save on Babysitter costs ;) Though would they stay late, though? That is the question!!!!
    I've never seen Doves live. I mean they have a few good songs, but they are really my wifes taste. …