• Song Of The Day - 25 Mar 2009: Rosewood Bitters

    Mar 29 2009, 1h31 por sablespecter

    Michael Stanley / Rosewood Bitters / Michael Stanley (1) / ? 1972

    I take a short break from posting the MUS1030 Music Journals to give a shout out to Michael Stanley, who turned 61 on Wednesday. Happy Birthday to the hometown hero!


    For his birthday last year, I chose a selection from Silk, the group he was with before he struck out on his own. This selection comes from the next album he appeared on, which was his first solo album. It was one of only nine released by the obscure, short-lived, corporate-funded, weed-fuelled Tumbleweed label. For a long time this was a very difficult album to obtain, but you can easily get it on CD via his website now.

    Tumbleweed's founders were in L.A. when they decided to form a new label in 1970, but started up in Denver in an effort to find a new scene apart from the stale late-60s hippie scene of southern California, and also because they were terrified of the over-hyped "Big One" earthquake…