• Miami Sound Machine

    Set 16 2011, 17h25 por Selena1995

    just hit 100 spins with the song Dr. Beat congrats to them and welcome to the 100 club guys and gal :)
  • Gloria Estefan - Mi Tierra

    Abr 5 2011, 12h48 por rwitte

    Gloria Estafan is a Cuban-American from Miami. Her Grandparents were heavily involved in the Batista regime in Cuba and fled the Castro revolution. And in many ways she reflects the contradictions of the Miami Cuban community

    As a community, Miami is rabidly republican and anti-communist; demonising Fidel and lobbying against any relaxation of the US sanctions that, in my opinion, have kept the communist reign intact in Cuba despite the collapse of the Soviet Union. The Cubans are a diaspora, longing to return to a pastoral, idealised free market Cuba that never existed. It is a world-view that ignores the corruption and mafia-domination that blighted the islands past while also ignoring the health and education systems that mitigate the lack of freedom in Cuba today.

    Here is a picture of a young Gloria with Miami Sound Machine. Gloria married the band's leader, Emilio Estefan. Indeed it is still Gloria's backing band; it didn't die, it just faded away.
  • 80s playlist Februari, 10 2007

    Fev 15 2007, 18h30 por andete