• The Sound Of Water / Metheny Mehldau

    Mar 14 2008, 13h57 por martini_00


    Artist : Metheny Mehldau
    Album : Quartet
    Track : The Sound Of Water
  • A Night Away / Metheny Mehldau

    Mar 13 2008, 22h24 por martini_00


    Artist : Metheny Mehldau
    Album : Quartet
    Track : A Night Away
  • Musical Moments

    Ago 7 2007, 3h19 por Retronius

    There is a certain method to the way that I listen to music.

    I was always raised in a jazz influenced household. My earliest musical memory was when I was in Chicago (Fort Sheridan, specifically) and I was starting Kindergarten. I remember getting onto the bus and finding a seat. The bus driver called out to everyone what radio station everyone wanted to hear. Pretty much everyone cried out the pop station or whatever little elementary school children listened to at the time; I called for the jazz station. I was baffled by my lone, dissenting voice.

    Even still, I feel that way from time to time. Someone can claim they listen to jazz, but there aren't really people I like that share an appreciation for the Metheny Mehldaucollaborations. Not enough people clamour over Stanley Clarke like I do. I don't know anyone that celebrates Joe Sample's birthday. (Or even Miles Davis's)

    But as my tastes branched out, I still held a jazz heart. …
  • Pat Metheny Back In Town

    Mar 18 2007, 8h32 por Ednut

    .Metheny Mehldau

    At long last Pat Metheny as decided to pay a visit to his London fan base promoting his collaborative album with Brad Mehldau. I've got great tickets for 1st July 07. one of only two nights their playing at the Barbican. Would like to have seen the PMG in full perform but this album titled "Metheny Maldau" (bet they spent ages thinking that up) is quite good.