• Rasputina @ The Great American Music Hall - 08/15/10

    Ago 17 2010, 20h51 por mikasaur

    I saw the Rasputina concert with mercurystatic at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

    The venue was intimate and well-decorated. Vaulted ceilings made their way back from the stage in the long, rectangular-shaped building. A large, contiguous balcony ran along the perimiter, supported by thick marble pillars. The walls and ceiling were decorated in a red and gold paisley-sort of pattern. The floor was covered by small circular tables, each surrounded by several wooden, black chairs and the only audience members left standing were the latecomers in the back.

    The opening band, Larkin Grimm was actually one of the better opening acts I've seen at a smaller venue like this. They were a three-piece band: two women -- one on bass and one on guitar -- and a guy playing a standard drum kit. The guitarists used minor distortion/effects for most of their songs, and the drummer almost always used brushes. The percussion was pretty dynamic from song to song. …