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Officially created in 2015, Mayan Pine is the solo project by Bruno Pinho who, despite having always played in metal and rock bands, felt the need to explore another sonic landscapes which also always pleased him a lot. He began to craft these songs by himself around 2012, until, in 2015, he decided to create a project and publicize his work.

In 2016, Mayan Pine released its first album, "Barsoom", which was basically a collection of all the songs Bruno wrote from 2012 until 2016 that didn't fit into his other bands. Still in that same year, MP also released an experimental EP called "Deconstruct EP", where the idea was to try new things and have a collection where the songs did not follow a musical logic. In January 2017, the project released its most electronic CD so far, called "Post Orgasmic Depression", considered its was the most cohesive and conceptual work yet. Also in 2017, a fourth release was made available in the form of "Kaishakunin", the most emotional and intense work of Mayan Pine's career.

The sound permeates between many genres, not being attached to just one style. Much influenced by Ambient, Chillout, Post-Rock and Electronic, the project has other unusual influences such as Funk, Psychedelic Rock and Stoner.

They are sad and emotional songs created with the sole purpose of externalizing personal and internal feelings that end up being kept within us.

Check out his other projects: Maieuttica and Letters From!

…but don't expect the same!

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