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"To Be Human" was written by Welsh singer-songwriter MARINA and is about a desire for unity. It is the seventh track from her fourth studio album, LOVE + FEAR, and was released with the rest of the "Love" side on April 4 2019.

Lyrics from the first verse were included in Marina's Heals Space exhibition in September 2018.

On March 27th 2019, Marina posted a short clip of the song to Instagram. She posted a second snippet the next day containing lyrics from the chorus.

Marina has said that " is probably the most important song on this record for me because thematically it sums up the head-space where I've come from in the past three years. I think the subject matter is really important, it talks about unity. I name check a lot of places all around the world, São Paulo, Verona, Angola, Chicago, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Greece. And I think when I was writing that what I was trying to do was create this picture of humanity because in our political climate we are constantly being made to see other people as "other", like if you're from a different culture you are seen as different and potentially dangerous and I really hate that, I really think that's a sad way to see humanity. So, I wrote this song thinking about that and for that reason it really forms a core part of the record."

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