• They've Got Me Feeling Emotion

    Abr 16 2008, 2h09 por WhereImGoing

    I have to admit, I've been really looking forward to Mariah Carey week on Idol, simply because it's potentially the most contemporary week of the season, and if there's one thing that Idol lacks much of the time, it's contemporary music.

    -David Archuleta singing When You Believe - I was a little concerned about David A picking this song, because we really haven't heard the falsetto before. Also, Leon Jackson sang this as his winning song on "X Factor", and did a pretty weak job with it. Well, the result here was definitely better, but it wasn't stellar. The judges continue to give him a pass on the voice cracking, and the falsetto wasn't exactly what I would call strong, but overall, it was possibly my favorite performance that he's done this season.

    -Carly Smithson singing Without You - You know what? Mariah really IS a ray of sunshine tonight! I am really enjoying this, and Carly Smithson is definitely helping with that upbeat mood. …