• review of the past months

    Nov 7 2006, 19h45 por mihi_tr

    I didn't write for some time and cause i am to lazy to do the laundry I will do it now.

    So how was my musical past. Got some cd's to rip of a friend including Emiliana Torrini and Air (i don't like the latter too much) watched some videos of Björk and other artists created by Michel Gondry, he is just fabulous (it started because we were hanging out at the spark and they started to show his videos, the next day a friend of mine handed over some more). At saturday me and my room-mate decided to go to the porgy&bess to see Trio-X life of which we didn't know anything. It was crazy what Joe McPhee did with his Sax and trumpet.

    Yesterday i started downloading Manuzik from jamendo, which IMO should be more integrated into, so all music with the tag is streamable. This would help the artists to get known more.

    Now i stop namedropping and click on post ;)